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Bridgeland farmers market

This market will feature the following coffee origins:

  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Fair Trade Organic: distinctive coffee with powerful floral and citrus aromas. 
  • Nicaragua -Fair Trade Organic: mild tone, low acidity, rich but subtle chocolaty flavors and a nutty bouquet.
  • Mexico Oaxaca - Fair Trade Organic: Medium body, low to medium acidity, and sweet notes of cocoa, vanilla and caramel.
  • Papua New Guinea - Fair Trade Organic: low-toned richness, earthy, dense and crisply robust.
  • Bolivia - Fair Trade Organic. Produced in the region of La Paz, this coffee is full to heavy bodied, with mild acidity, and a surprisingly good balance.

Feel you lost one hour of sleep ? you did... Enjoy some of our samples at our booth !